Thursday, 30 September 2010


Well after all the loveliness yesterday I come spreading more Joy!  The wonderful people at CSN Stores are offering one of my readers £15 to spend on any of thier UK Websites.  CSN stores sell everything you need for each room of your house! From wardrobes to lighting to my personal favorite BAKEWARE!

 I have my eye on one of these babies:

KitchenCraft Natural Elements Cast Iron Scale with Body and Acacia Wood Stand in Ivory - NETSCAIVR

But YOU can spend your £15 on whatever you like.  To enter, just comment on this post and tell me what you would spend your voucher on! (Don't worry, you can change your mind later!).  Entry closes next Friday (8th October) and a winner will be picked at random! Anyone can enter, so tell your friends!

Good Luck! x


  1. I think I would go for this:

    Our pestle and mortar goes rusty every time we uses it :'(

  2. oooh, Good choice my tiny friend!

    At this rate you are still in the running to be Hannah's Voucher Giveaway Winner.

    Good Luck!


  3. Bwahaha! Then I can ground my ingredients all day and night! xxx

  4. I would go for this salt grinder, because I can't seem to locate mine. I think I must have put it up my bottom quite some time ago and then completely forgotten about it because I can't for the life of me find it now:

  5. dan payne was the one wot wrote the above, forgot to say.

  6. So many exciting things... it would be so very difficult to choose. I think I would put it towards one of these babies though...

    My mother-in-law has one and it is functional and fascinating at the same time.

  7. I would seriously love to get most of the things on the website! Who wouldn't have a bit more room for one more gizmo like the nutmeg mill! I really want the Emile Henry Urban Ceradon 26cm pie dish as it makes me think of cooking with Granny Alice, or the Le Crueset Stoneware Deep Heart dish with lid. Le Crueset ahhhhh swoon!!!!!!!

  8. Je voudrais acheter une casserole s'il vous plait:
    J'adore les casseroles. Ou est la piscine? Nom nom nom. From La Niblock.

  9. I would buy some cookie cutters to make cookies which I would send to you. They would be the best cookies that you have ever tasted. Guaranteed.


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