Monday, 15 November 2010


 It's getting a bit cold isn't it? If you are anything like me you are turning your mind to nesting.  I shall be stocking up on scented candles, flavoured hot beverages and thinking about getting some new bedroom furniture.  The kingdom of duvet is where I shall be living for the next few months so it only seems right.

If you ARE like me then you are clearly very lucky, which is the perfect attribute for winning my new competition.  The lovely folks at CSN Stores are giving away a whopping £25 to one of my readers to spend on any of thier UK websites.  Why not get yourself a little something, or even better, sort out that tricky Christmas present.

As before, all you need to do is leave me a comment on this here post and your name will enter the bowler hat of destiny to hopefully be drawn at random.  Competition will close at midnight on Saturday 27th November (Saturday night/Sunday morning (one of you was bound to ask)).

Good luck!


  1. I am a two duvet girl! They are in separate covers so I get two different looks whenever I like! Nifty init! Hurrah you are back in blogsville x

  2. I spent most of the day thinking of mulled wine because I was cold!

    I am now toasty warm, writing from my lovely bed. Need to decroate my very white cell-like new bedroom... this could be just the trick!


  3. Hello! It's Daniel. I'm upset Kevin WAN last time. I am more attractive and thus deserving of more vouchers.

  4. Stef win! Stef win! She am better than Cabin and Granule !

  5. I am Richard, and I claim my prize!

  6. OOh, a chance of a prize by leaving a comment. I love it when I don't even have to leave my duvet to try and win something. It's a win-win situation, whatever the outcome.
    >pick me, pick me, pick me<

  7. Han - is that your bedroom pictured above - or is it a designer one. It looks gorgeous! I would love to be under the duvet with a mug of hot chocolate and a good book just now but sadly have to fill in an application form. It is one that has about 3000 difficult sections to fill in that you have to think about. The good thing is that it may put people off applying because of the time involved, but the bad thing is that it's putting me off. Hey ho though - must keep on!

  8. me me! i need new furniture stuffs for my flat! winter is for wine, duvets and trashy tv.


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